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DevOps | 7 min read

Python! When a shell script is just not good enough.

Every one of us faces repetitive tasks that we usually do not enjoy. Luckily for those of us working in IT most of these tasks can be automated quite easily. For decades the tool for simple automation tasks was the shell. Shell scripts allow you to create automation fast by utilizing available system tools and pipes. Although when it comes to more complex tasks the disadvantages of shell scripts become obvious.

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Lukas Resch
March 2019
written by Lukas Resch
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DevOps | 13 min read

Salt and Napalm based Network Device Managment

I recently got some time to spend looking at network automation using salt a napalm. We’re using SaltStack‘s salt for automation and config management for more than two years now and are traditionally a network engineering company, so why not combine the two areas and automate tasks in network engineering?

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Claudius Zingerli
February 2019
written by Claudius Zingerli

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