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EVPN edge routing (incl. type 5 routes) best practises

Below a collection of highly recommended config knobs to use EVPN VXLAN edge routing on QFX5110 leave devices.

For edge-routing on QFX5110 leaves, JunOS 18.1R3-S3 (or newer service releases) should be used for the time being.

The listed config snippets apply for the following design:

  • edge routing on QFX5110 leaves
  • EVPN model used is “VLAN aware service” (using single default-switch instance), n:1 mapping of VLAN to EVI
  • use of “virtual-gateway address” and a unique IP per leaf switch IRB interface
  • eBGP is used for underlay
  • iBGP is used for overlay
  • Underlay ASN: one ASN for all spines, each leaf uses its own ASN

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Johannes Resch
March 2019
written by Johannes Resch

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