Network-Engineering | 7 min read

Freshen up your Mist with Freifunk

April 2021 written by Pietro Stäheli

At the beginning of the first COVID lockdown in early 2020, our partner Juniper made us an offer to join a series of short webinars showing off their new acquisition in WiFi technology, Mist. My initial reluctance to participate turned into fiery enthusiasm upon learning that in exchange for my time I would receive a free Mist AP and PoE switch. They knew I was an easy mark and could not resist the promise of FREE STUFF. They know too much about me.

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22 min read

Network-Engineering | 22 min read

Black Hole Routing

March 2021 written by Nigel Wensley

This article introduces Black Hole routing. ngworx is an elite partner of Arista and Juniper so configuration examples are given for both vendors. You can progress to detailed technical guides in the reference section at the end and find information with a simple web search “remote triggered black hole”.

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4 min read

System-Engineering | 4 min read

How the Unix basis from Junos helped me handle a migration efficiently

March 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Do you sometimes feel slowed down by the limited CLIs of common networking devices? I often miss the powerful Unix shell with all its associated tools when dealing with the common CLIs. An increasing number of systems now include standard Unix tools. Junos includes them for a long time. Read on to learn how I made use of these tools to efficiently migrate a VPN gateway.

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6 min read

System-Engineering | 6 min read

Why engineers love Junos

February 2021 written by Eduardo Franceskin

Juniper’s Junos is used across firewalls, routers and switchers and it has some unique features that make engineers love Junos. Find out why.

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< 1 min read

Network-Engineering, Security, System-Engineering | < 1 min read

RPKI Demo & Introduction

February 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Learn how RPKI works and how to make use of it with Juniper and Arista Routers. (RPKI Demo)
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