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Cloud, Security | 3 min read

How to succeed with the CCSK exam from the Cloud Security Alliance

January 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Are you curious on how to succeed with the CCSK exam from the Cloud Security Alliance? Here we are explaining everything you need to know.

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Cloud | 4 min read

Why is Juniper interested in SONiC?

January 2020 written by Remi Locherer

Since I have an interest in open source and in networking, I wanted to learn more about SONiC and visited the project’s website. I spotted a link to a podcast by […]

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Cloud | 9 min read

Running SAP S/4 HANA on Google Cloud Platform

August 2019 written by Remi Locherer

Traditionally, enterprises that operate SAP S/4 HANA on-premise buy servers that are massively oversized. Why is it like that?

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Cloud, DevOps | 6 min read

From Dev to Ops

August 2019 written by Guest Author

When we became a Google Cloud Platform Partner earlier this year we thought about which services we should move to GCP.

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