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Network-Engineering | 6 min read

Debugging Transit Traffic on Switches and Routers

March 2022 written by Remi Locherer

Sometimes when debugging connectivity issues it helps to know if certain traffic passes through a given network device. On a firewall this is easy: you just check the logs. In […]

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Network-Engineering | 3 min read

Unboxing an Arista Switch

February 2022 written by Remi Locherer

My personal journey with Arista switches started early in 2021. I worked with virtual Arista switches to develop and test configurations. When I dealt with real physical Arista devices then, […]

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Network-Engineering | 7 min read

JNCIP-SEC Exam Preparation

January 2022 written by Felipe Muraska

It all started on August 20 2021 when I received an email from Juniper education services reminding me that my JNCIP-SEC certification was due to expire in six months.

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Network-Engineering | 5 min read

How to determine SRX firewall hardware capacity limits

October 2021 written by Remi Locherer

How the knowledge of the hardware and software architecture can help analyse issues and solve problems.

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