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Network-Engineering | 3 min read

Creating a Powerful and Stable Network: The Success Story of next layer

The rapid development of technologies and the increasing demands on the network infrastructure are presenting service providers with new challenges. In order to be at the forefront of this competitive market, the infrastructure and Internet services provider, next layer, needs a powerful and stable network that is scalable and cost-effective.

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Vera Freitas
April 2020
written by Vera Freitas
Online and Content Marketing Specialist
2 min read

Network-Engineering | 2 min read

Mitigating EX2300 Ethernet Switch constraints

After helping multiple customers with constraints on the EX2300 and EX3400 line of Juniper switches, we’ve decided to document the most common problems and applicable solutions related to these devices.

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Pietro Stäheli
January 2020
written by Pietro Stäheli
Network Engineer / Sysadmin
8 min read

Network-Engineering | 8 min read

Junos upgrade – filesystem is full

An extension of Juniper’s article KB31198 mainly addressing issues on the EX series switches:

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Bartek Bacal
October 2019
written by Bartek Bacal
Network Engineer
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Network-Engineering | < 1 min read

Junos Nonstop Active Routing and rpd failure

A support case where the routing protocol process (rpd) on a Juniper MX router crashed:

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Remi Locherer
September 2019
written by Remi Locherer
Senior Network Engineer

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