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Security | 5 min read

Thoughts on Juniper’s new product: Cloud Workload Protection

December 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Juniper announced a new security product on August 3rd 2021, that I did not expect to see from Juniper: “Juniper Cloud Workload Protection”

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Security, System-Engineering | 22 min read

FW assessment and hardening

September 2021 written by Maciej Filipczak

What to do if your firewall is like Swiss cheese, full of holes…
Firewall assessment is one of the major tasks that should be done from time to time to ensure the firewall is actually securing the network and not just acting as an expensive router.

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Network-Engineering, Security | 9 min read

A sassy new approach to networking and security

May 2021 written by Maciej Filipczak

Are you ready for the flight into the clouds? Join us in short intro to SASE with Palo Alto Prisma Access..

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Network-Engineering, Security, System-Engineering | < 1 min read

RPKI Demo & Introduction

February 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Learn how RPKI works and how to make use of it with Juniper and Arista Routers. (RPKI Demo)

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