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Security, System-Engineering | 22 min read

FW assessment and hardening

September 2021 written by Maciej Filipczak

What to do if your firewall is like Swiss cheese, full of holes…
Firewall assessment is one of the major tasks that should be done from time to time to ensure the firewall is actually securing the network and not just acting as an expensive router.

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Network-Engineering, System-Engineering | 9 min read

JunOS Upgrade best practices

August 2021 written by Diana Radu

Upgrades of network devices can be like open-heart surgery. It is a risky procedure that requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Let us help you to make your upgrade experience hassle-free.

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System-Engineering | 4 min read

How the Unix basis from Junos helped me handle a migration efficiently

March 2021 written by Remi Locherer

Do you sometimes feel slowed down by the limited CLIs of common networking devices? I often miss the powerful Unix shell with all its associated tools when dealing with the […]

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System-Engineering | 6 min read

Why engineers love Junos

February 2021 written by Eduardo Franceskin

Juniper’s Junos is used across firewalls, routers and switchers and it has some unique features that make engineers love Junos. Find out why.

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