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System-Engineering | 7 min read

Carrier-Grade Traffic Generation

While iperf/iperf3 are suitable to test the bandwidth of a 10 gig link they can not be used to test specific traffic patters or reliably test even faster links.

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Remi Locherer
April 2020
written by Remi Locherer
Senior Network Engineer
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System-Engineering | 4 min read

Work remotely and stay safe

In the current unique situation and dire times, as we see, there are two commodities that are very much like must-haves, to safely pull it through.

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Maciej Zurawski
March 2020
written by Maciej Zurawski
Senior Network Engineer
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System-Engineering | 3 min read

Modernizing a Campus Network: The Success Story of Kantonsschule Zug

A high-availability IT infrastructure with sufficient performance is essential for modern teaching. The Kantonsschule Zug relied on Juniper Networks to renew its ageing network infrastructure and build a high-performance network at a unique price-performance ratio that meets the school’s current and future needs.

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Vera Freitas
February 2020
written by Vera Freitas
Online and Content Marketing Specialist
8 min read

System-Engineering | 8 min read

Building a StableNet Ecosystem

In this article, I want to present some of our StableNet extensions, especially those that go further than the large choice of possibilities already shipped by default in StableNet.

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Fabian Waeber
December 2019
written by Fabian Waeber
Network Engineer & Developer

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