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Creating a Powerful and Stable Network: The Success Story of next layer

ngworx Team
April 2020
written by Vera Freitas
Online and Content Marketing Specialist

The rapid development of technologies and the increasing demands on the network infrastructure are presenting service providers with new challenges. In order to be at the forefront of this competitive market, the infrastructure and Internet services provider, next layer, needs a powerful and stable network that is scalable and cost-effective.


On the one hand, networking is becoming denser, and next layer has to constantly meet the growing demand for bandwidth and speed to meet its customers’ ever-increasing needs. On the other hand, demanding clientele expects more functionality combined with high stability and rapid convergence at a reasonable price.

The challenge is to rapidly expand and renew the technical infrastructure, to ensure availability while keeping costs under control and to operate profitably. “Our customers expect 24×7 availability, more performance, and assuming that multiple features are deployed, and everything is 100% stable,” said Christian Mandel, Head of Network Operations at next layer.


Christian Mandel explains, “We chose Juniper Networks because the manufacturer was always focused on carriers and ISPs, and as a result, developed products that are tailored to our needs. “We quickly found ourselves in the Juniper Networks product range. We need devices that scale mid-range, but still provide the full power spectrum and cover all the features of large models – and that’s what distinguishes Juniper Networks, “says Christian Mandel enthusiastically. “Especially in terms of price and performance, we feel very comfortable. Next layer uses for the routing area the Universal Edge Router of the MX-Series, which offers outstanding capacity, port density, performance, and stability as a product line, as well as the ruggedly designed ACX Series Universal Access Routers. In the switching area, the company relies on the powerful data centre switches of the QFX series with their high port density.


With the cross-network operating system Junos, processes can be automated and all Juniper Networks products – both physical and virtual – managed via a uniform user interface. This saves time, ensures efficiency and simplifies daily operations.

“The colleagues at ngworx are true experts in network solutions with deep technical know-how and a focus on Juniper Networks and also bring tremendous understanding and sensitivity to our business. Our teams are very similar, and we follow the same principles, so we fit together well in every way,“ reveals Christian Mandel. 

Christian Mandel also notes: “We see ourselves in good hands at Juniper Networks and well-prepared for the future. The manufacturer not only offered us the ideal platform with its products but also leaves us all possibilities open in the future. This gives us the agility we need to serve the ever-growing needs of our customers as a service provider, as well as keep costs out of control.“

ngworx Team
April 2020
written by Vera Freitas
Online and Content Marketing Specialist

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