Colman Finnin
March 2020
written by Colman Finnin
Head of Engineering & Operation
Cybercriminals – how they operate and what can be done to mitigate the risk of an attack.

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2 min read

Network-Engineering | 2 min read

Mitigating EX2300 Ethernet Switch constraints

After helping multiple customers with constraints on the EX2300 and EX3400 line of Juniper switches, we’ve decided to document the most common problems and applicable solutions related to these devices.

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Pietro Stäheli
January 2020
written by Pietro Stäheli
Network Engineer / Sysadmin
4 min read

Cloud | 4 min read

Why is Juniper interested in SONiC?

Since I have an interest in open source and in networking, I wanted to learn more about SONiC and visited the project’s website. I spotted a link to a podcast by Juniper and Microsoft about SONiC that caught my attention: Why is Juniper interested in SONiC? Isn’t it more of a threat to them?Read more

Remi Locherer
January 2020
written by Remi Locherer
Senior Network Engineer
8 min read

System-Engineering | 8 min read

Building a StableNet Ecosystem

In this article, I want to present some of our StableNet extensions, especially those that go further than the large choice of possibilities already shipped by default in StableNet.

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Fabian Waeber
December 2019
written by Fabian Waeber
Network Engineer & Developer
8 min read

Network-Engineering | 8 min read

Junos upgrade – filesystem is full

An extension of Juniper’s article KB31198 mainly addressing issues on the EX series switches:

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Bartek Bacal
October 2019
written by Bartek Bacal
Network Engineer

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