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Thanks to its modular structure, ngworx IT network consulting easily adapts to the needs and individual requirements of your company.

You can choose between two basic modules - or combine the services offered in them according to your needs:


Tailored to customers who primarily want to benefit from our know-how as network specialists. We support the process of system engineering from the position of a (neutral) consultant and enable you and your employees to develop and implement optimal concepts and solutions for your IT network through knowledge transfer.


For customers who want to plan, test and deploy their network from ngworx.

As a rule, consulting forms the preliminary stage for system engineering. In a detailed consultation, we will be happy to work with you to determine the type and scope of our IT network consulting as well as engineering efforts for your company.

CONSULTING – IT network consulting from a neutral perspective

Particularly in the highly competitive telecommunications market, powerful, flexible and innovative IT networks are a clear competitive advantage. With ngworx IT network consulting your company can achieve this competitive advantage.

As the first step, we analyze the functions and requirements of your IT network. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves to the status quo, but also determine which requirements will apply to the IT network in the future.

Through design workshops, we create a space for discussion in which initial solutions and concepts can be tested for their feasibility and practicality. Potential problems can be identified at an early stage and eliminated or mitigated by appropriate solutions. At the same time, necessary links, dependencies and requirements are identified and can thus be integrated into the network structure.

You can also use ngworx IT network consulting for existing network environments and services. Using network audits and targeted analytics, we then identify strengths and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure - from an independent point of view, so you can get a vendor-neutral view of your network and make a sober, fair comparison with industry standards.

ENGINEERING – IT network consulting with tests and validations

The interaction of different components in complex systems cannot be accurately predicted by theoretical analysis alone. For this reason, we supplement our IT network consulting with the module System Engineering.

Extensive laboratory tests are used to validate the extent to which the previously developed solution designs and implementation concepts are effective and should be improved. To do this, we also identify milestones (according to the "proof of concept" approach) that must be reached to prove the feasibility of the solutions and concepts. We also subject the hardware and software components to detailed functional and regression tests to ensure reliable operation.

Finally, we also collect all the necessary information and data needed for holistic product lifecycle management of your IT network. This gives you transparency about all the costs and items that are required to maintain your IT network and at the same time ensures its future viability - because you always know exactly where additional innovations can take hold.

System Integration assists customers in the systemintegration of new IT services - as well as changes and migrations within production networks. assists customers with the IT system integration of new IT services - both for changes and migrations in production networks. Innovation is a must, especially in the highly competitive telecommunications market. Network environments are therefore under constant pressure to adapt. To make your system resilient to this pressure, we improve the quality and availability of your network environments by, for example, automating operational activities such as configuration changes and configuration audits.

Thanks to close cooperation with technology market leaders in the OSS sector, offers up-to-date solutions for alarm, performance and capacity management, especially for the network management of communication service providers. The benefit of our IT system integration is like filling a fuel tank, each time you engage your IT fuel tank is filled and increases with power and effectiveness. Ultimately, the goal of IT system integration by is to optimize the value of your company with the help of IT.

IT system integration with solutions from our partners or independent vendors

As network specialists, we always go deeper than IT specialists for system integration and application development. We see ourselves as a comprehensive IT service provider

  • Thoroughly analyze the existing software architecture,
  • On this basis to realize a strategy for a cross-system integration of process-oriented solutions.

Our IT project management enables a smooth integration of new security concepts - while at the same time incorporating innovative cloud solutions. For this, we preferably rely on already proven solutions from our partners, but in individual cases (and in close consultation with our customers) we also consider other solutions regardless of the manufacturer.

The benefits of our IT system integration at a glance

  • IT Consulting on the current infrastructure, a needs analysis and the development of a state of the art solution design
  • IT project management for system integration of new services, system changes and migrations
  • IT support for the care and maintenance of the IT infrastructure (first, second and third-level)
  • Practical support for users with general and specific questions about the IT system
  • Configuration of the hardware, as well as troubleshooting of PCs, notebooks and other hardware elements
  • Installing and Configuring Software and Automated Software Distribution
  • Building, maintaining and developing the local IT infrastructure
  • Development, realization and maintenance of information systems and security concepts
  • Creation of documentation such as project and system documentation as well as manuals and online
  • Quality Assurance according to ISO 9001: 2015

As active members of the Swiss Association of Telecommunications and the Swiss Network of and for ICT Professionals we are well connected and can always find suitable contacts to provide optimal solutions for IT system integration.

Managed Services & Operations

ngworx services includes a comprehensive range of 24/7 support options.

We offer both the monitoring and control of your IT services and IT infrastructure (operations management) as well as their quality assurance (managed services) based on individual service level agreements (SLA's).

Especially with our SLA's, your company can significantly reduce cost. Because you determine which services we provide and in which quantity, you avoid unnecessary cost and ensure your services and infrastructure will function smoothly.

Essentials of our Operations Management and Managed Service

  • 24/7 monitoring your systems
  • Individual SLAs (on request with a reaction time of up to 15 minutes)
  • Support hotline available at fixed (pre-agreed) times
  • On-site support
  • Replacing defective hardware
  • Transparent Ticketing System

We have our own support organization in Switzerland, which is continuously available 24 hours and 365 days a year. For fault management, we use a flexible solution that supports not only alarms but also performance and configuration management. This enables us not only to keep an eye on sources of error and to detect possible errors early, but also to control all activities and upcoming tasks.

Like all ngworx services, our support services are also subject to quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015.

Lifecycle Management and Change Management go hand in hand

Our service offer also covers Lifecycle and Change Management of your IT Services and IT Infrastructure. This service focuses on the preservation of efficient hardware as well as the maintenance and security of all data, which make up a sizable proportion of the company's value, especially in the telecommunications environment.

For this to succeed, our Lifecycle Management is closely integrated with our Change Management. Therefore, we do not judge your hardware solely under the aspect of material value, we do not simply exchange what is "obsolete". Rather, we always consider all components in interaction with the tasks set. In this way, we always keep an eye on future or already planned innovations of your company.

If a hardware component must be exchanged within the lifecycle management, we consult with our clients before procuring and providing new components and clarify which tasks the equipment should still fulfill in the foreseeable future.

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