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Network-Engineering | 23 min read

WLAN deMISTified

The main purpose of MIST acquisition was to acquire their Cloud and AI solution, which Juniper can, later on, apply for the network orchestration as well. Wireless solutions are just an additional flavor and it looks like, this one can be really tasty.

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Maciej Zurawski
July 2019
written by Maciej Zurawski
Senior Network Engineer
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Network-Engineering | 36 min read

Trying out Arista’s Cognitive WiFi™ Solution

Not so long ago we spent a few days field testing Cognitive WiFi, which is the current WLAN solution from Arista. Cognitive WiFi is a term coined by Mojo Network, which is a company founded in 2003 (known as AirTight back then), they were mainly focused on WIPS and AP mesh groups then evolved into a unified cloud-managed WiFi solution. 

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Maciej Zurawski
April 2019
written by Maciej Zurawski
Senior Network Engineer
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Network-Engineering | 3 min read

EVPN edge routing (incl. type 5 routes) best practises

Below a collection of highly recommended config knobs to use EVPN VXLAN edge routing on QFX5110 leave devices.

For edge-routing on QFX5110 leaves, JunOS 18.1R3-S3 (or newer service releases) should be used for the time being.

The listed config snippets apply for the following design:

  • edge routing on QFX5110 leaves
  • EVPN model used is “VLAN aware service” (using single default-switch instance), n:1 mapping of VLAN to EVI
  • use of “virtual-gateway address” and a unique IP per leaf switch IRB interface
  • eBGP is used for underlay
  • iBGP is used for overlay
  • Underlay ASN: one ASN for all spines, each leaf uses its own ASN

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Johannes Resch
March 2019
written by Johannes Resch
Managing Partner

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