Managed Services & Operations

ngworx services includes a comprehensive range of 24/7 support options.

We offer both the monitoring and control of your IT services and IT infrastructure (operations management) as well as their quality assurance (managed services) based on individual service level agreements (SLA's).

Especially with our SLA's, your company can significantly reduce cost. Because you determine which services we provide and in which quantity, you avoid unnecessary cost and ensure your services and infrastructure will function smoothly.

Essentials of our Operations Management and Managed Service

  • 24/7 monitoring your systems
  • Individual SLAs (on request with a reaction time of up to 15 minutes)
  • Support hotline available at fixed (pre-agreed) times
  • On-site support
  • Replacing defective hardware
  • Transparent Ticketing System

We have our own support organization in Switzerland, which is continuously available 24 hours and 365 days a year. For fault management, we use a flexible solution that supports not only alarms but also performance and configuration management. This enables us not only to keep an eye on sources of error and to detect possible errors early, but also to control all activities and upcoming tasks.

Like all ngworx services, our support services are also subject to quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015.

Lifecycle Management and Change Management go hand in hand

Our service offer also covers Lifecycle and Change Management of your IT Services and IT Infrastructure. This service focuses on the preservation of efficient hardware as well as the maintenance and security of all data, which make up a sizable proportion of the company's value, especially in the telecommunications environment.

For this to succeed, our Lifecycle Management is closely integrated with our Change Management. Therefore, we do not judge your hardware solely under the aspect of material value, we do not simply exchange what is "obsolete". Rather, we always consider all components in interaction with the tasks set. In this way, we always keep an eye on future or already planned innovations of your company.

If a hardware component must be exchanged within the lifecycle management, we consult with our clients before procuring and providing new components and clarify which tasks the equipment should still fulfill in the foreseeable future.

«Do you have any questions concerning this service? We are happy to help you.»

Noam Suisa
Business Development Partner


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+41 58 2 63 63 63

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