Transforming Cloud- and Connectivity-Service Delivery

Whether you want to optimise the cost of your network, monitor service level agreements or simplify end-to-end troubleshooting, ng.upp makes your network visible to you and will change the way you interact with your network.

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SLA monitoring

Quality assurance

Verify given SLA for a service. Proof a SLA conformance as a

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Save time


Automation saves everyone time. Employees are no longer involved in ICT-topics.

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Becoming more efficient

Save costs

Precise troubleshooting saves costs. No unnecessary phone calls or technicians to send.


What problems do we tackle with ng.upp?
In a world where software, workstations and applications are increasingly being moved to the cloud, network performance is a top priority. The future belongs to the cloud: software, workstations and applications are all provided via cloud services.
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Challenges for managers

  • No overview of service status
  • No aggregated data
  • No possibilities to report, assess and decide.
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Challenges for ICT-operators

  • No end-to-end service overview
  • No enduser insights
  • No possibilities to operate, maintain and troubleshoot efficiently.
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Challenges to provide high quality services for customers

  • No data about service performance
  • No insights of service status from customer perspective.
  • No possibilities to proactively improve customer experience.

Our Solution

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Distributed measuring system

The agents are distributed in your network. They can run on dedicated hardware or on virtualised platforms in your environment.

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Central administration

The devices are managed centrally. This enables the fully automated introduction of new devices, services or software upgrades. You have complete visibility and can access the dashboard from anywhere.

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Reporting Portal

ICT operators receive detailed information on application and connectivity services. Managers can access aggregated information on SLA data, performance benchmarks or trends.

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The probes are simply connected to your existing company network and are immediately ready for use. Any number of probes can be distributed to strategically important locations.


Performance measurements

The probes perform a specific series of tests tailored to your environment.
– SLA monitoring
– Cloud Apps, VoIP
– Alarming, proactive support


Comprehensive insight

You can access the results from anywhere in the world via the ng.upp Reporting Portal to view the latest data or drill down into the stored data records. Of course you can also receive customised reports directly in your mailbox.


The following measurements can be made with ng.upp:


Which access points (BSSID) are visible at a specific location, which SSID are available? What is their signal strength and frequency or what are the selected channels?


Are certain, important websites available for their users? From the users’ point of view, how long is the waiting time between request and response of the web pages, and how does this change over time?

IP Host Reachability

Are certain, important gateways or servers reachable? What is the waiting time between request and response, and how does it change over time?

Speedtest (Intranet)

How high is the network throughput, how is it changing? Where are there bottlenecks in the network?

WLAN-Based Network Connectivity

How quickly can your users utilise the WLAN effectively?

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