Refurbished IT Hardware

When conducting IT hardware lifecycle projects, the focus is usually only on selecting the best solution for the future, without considering the various aspects of the hardware currently in place. In today’s business environment, aspects such as the pressure on IT departments to reduce costs, to ensure the protection of data on the devices when they are retired or the environmental footprint of their IT equipment are becoming increasingly important factors in a comprehensive IT hardware lifecycle business case.

With our Refurbished Hardware Service, ngworx offers you an all-round carefree package. We take care of your old and unused IT hardware and give it a second life, and you can sit back, while doing something good for the environment and increasing the attractiveness of your business case for your next IT project.

We accept the following IT Hardware: Server, router, switches, laptops, monitors and more.

Your Advantages

Return on Investment

Increase your business case by selling your unused hardware.


Just give us your hardware details and say yes to our offer – that’s it.

Data security

Your data is safe with the ISO certified process.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


This service offers companies a benefit from two different worlds – economic and environmental.

On the one hand, it offers the company the opportunity to become more profitable by increasing the return on investment for purchased IT hardware or for the business case of future IT projects.

On the other hand, the company can reduce its environmental footprint by giving its used IT hardware a second life, avoiding premature disposal and the production of new equipment. The production of new IT hardware is intensive in terms of the use of metals that have to be mined, uses a lot of water and electricity and has to be transported around the globe, which can be drastically reduced by reselling.

The Process


Contact us and provide us with a detailed IT hardware inventory.


Receive an offer and consulting on the project within two business days.


Agree on the offer provided.


Pickup of the devices.


Get your payout in cash or in the form of a voucher.

What is included in the service:

We pick up your devices at your location. If requested, the transport can be conducted with a seal and traced by GPS.
Inventory & Reporting
We create an inventory of the picked up devices and send you a detailed report.
We anonymise your devices immediately after receipt and clean them from any traces that could identify their origin.
Data deletion or data destruction
We delete and destroy all the anonymised data and data medias and provide you proof of destruction.

Your Impact

Even with your first IT hardware, you can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. The amount of carbon saved depends on the components of the device and also on the size.

An average laptop can save the equivalent of about 242 kg of CO2. To compensate for this, 25 trees would have to bind CO2 for a year.

A smaller average router can save the equivalent of about 3,458 kg of CO2. To compensate for this, 380 trees would have to bind CO2 for a year.

The same applies to the economic impact you can realise. The economic value depends heavily on the demand and supply of a particular model and can therefore vary on a daily basis.

Deleting and destroying all the anonymised data and data media

The process of the Irretrievable deletion and destruction of your data and data media is according to all the notable ISO and BSI norms and hold the following certificates.

Iso Certification
Iso Certification
Iso Certification
Iso Certification
Iso Certification

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