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We accompany you into the future and advise you on planning your migration to the cloud. Work with us now to develop an implementable cloud strategy and roadmap that strikes the right balance between agility, efficiency, innovation and security. Thanks to its modular structure, the IT network consulting of ngworx easily adapts to the needs and individual requirements of your company.

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  • Connectivity
  • Hybrid and Multicloud
  • Replatforming


  • Cloud Business Case


  • Migration Concept


Evaluating a cloud service requires a thorough understanding of your current workflow. Our cloud strategy and consulting services are designed so that you no longer need to guess at evaluating suitable cloud services by taking your existing experience and replicating it with improvements on a cloud service.


Google and Azure operate one of the most modern networks, which offers high throughput at minimal latency for cloud applications.

Thanks to the edge locations of Google and Azure, applications are optimally accessible worldwide. ngworx helps to select and configure the right locations and services (e.g. global load balancing, CDN) to help your customers achieve the best possible results.

Thanks to its wealth of experience ngworx is the ideal partner to efficiently connect existing data centers or office locations to the Google and Azure Cloud.

Hybrid and Multicloud

If an organization uses one or more cloud providers and also uses a traditional data center, the challenge is to efficiently integrate the different platforms with their different interfaces.

The interdisciplinary team of ngworx, consisting of software, system and network engineers, has a broad know-how. Hence, ngworx is able to give optimal advice and implement efficient solutions.


Existing system architectures are based on several services that interact with each other. While these have to be managed on-premise by your own IT department, they can easily be replaced by managed services in cloud migration.

This makes it possible to completely outsource maintenance to the cloud provider at no additional cost. Necessary security updates and backups are thus already done in the initial setup.

In the course of the analysis of your IT landscape, we show potential savings here. During the implementation phase, our team can accompany the setup of the necessary tools.


Cloud Business Case

Our world is changing constantly and with exponentially increasing speed. The classic IT solutions based on your own server room or data center can no longer meet these demands. New acquisitions are always associated with great effort. Invitations to tender, bid comparisons and delivery deadlines extend the time to market or make timely scaling impossible.

At the same time, operating costs increase with size. Upgrades to new hardware are not always compatible with the existing infrastructure due to the increased energy density. Overproportionation causes unnecessarily high fixed costs.

With the right cloud partner at your side, all these problems can be eliminated. Your cost structure grows linearly with your needs, while we keep maintenance costs constant.

Needs Assessment

Expected growth based on the current status (Network, Compute, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Operation)

Cost Analysis

Cost analysis based on the needs analysis and the expected growth in the next 3 years

Calculate Cloud Business Case

Comparison of costs and analysis of complexity (migration, operation, etc.)


Migration Concept

Together with you, we analyze the existing infrastructure and plan the resources required for the migration. Based on the existing IT landscape and the defined goals, we develop the strategy for your successful move to the cloud.

In doing so, we consider all influencing factors from the technical, legal and operational environment. Based on this, we will find the best way into the cloud for you.

For the future, we will jointly develop an operating concept that is based on the security of your IT and keeps your costs low with automation.

Migration to the cloud requires a structured approach and a precise plan. Only then can you ensure that your services and applications are available without interruption during the migration. We support companies in the analysis, planning and implementation of migrations as well as in the creation of an operation concept after the migration to the cloud.


  • Create an inventory of the application and then analyze who uses the application and how often.


  • Analyse the applications and make a decision what to do with the application (Lift-and-Shift, Lift-Adjust-and-Shift, Redevelopment, Retiring, Retaining)
  • Define Cloud Deployment (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Private, hybrid, public) and choose vendor (AWS, Azure, Google)

Planning, Migration & Testing

  • Creating a migration plan
  • Performing the migration, testing and documenting


  • Review of the migration project and handover to the operator.

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