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ngworx believes in the transformative power of cloud computing for businesses, large and small. We offer cloud integration for all three service models – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – and deliver deployment services across all types of clouds, public, private and hybrid clouds for businesses that want to deliver a seamless user experience across their networks and infrastructures.

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Whether public cloud, hybrid cloud or multicloud – we integrate your cloud and support you with our services for smooth cloud integration.

Initial Setup

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure offer many ways in which projects, resources, and permissions can be organized and structured.

ngworx will help clients find the optimal structure that is suitable to the organization of the customer while conforming to Google’s and Azure’s best practices (e.g. the principle of least privilege).

This results in a future-proof and agile setup that meets the highest demands.


After diligently planning, we migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. Depending on the chosen strategy and the amount of data available, this is a bespoke project.

To ensure the functionality of the services after the migration, test procedures are defined and automated. These are first executed against the existing infrastructure. This ensures that the expected functionality really does exist.

After migration, the same tests can be run against the cloud services, guaranteeing that no degradation has occurred.

Where necessary, the automatic scaling can be tested utilizing a load test. This will ensure smooth operations, in the event of unexpectedly high demand.

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