System Engineering

The interaction of different components in complex systems cannot be accurately predicted by theoretical analysis alone. For this reason, we supplement our IT network consulting with the module System Engineering.

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Network Consulting

Our consulting services are based on our deep technical understanding, on which we offer our future-oriented out-of-the-box solution based on best practices.

Network Engineering

With our  team of highly trained and experienced Network-, System- and Software Engineer, we can offer a wide range of engineering services.

Network Automation

We offer consulting, engineering and integration services in the field of network automation and use new concepts and open source products to automate your network.

Network Integration

We provide end-to-end integration services for multiple network providers and ensure a smooth transition to seamless network operation.

Network Consulting

Our network consulting service portfolio covers the following topics:

Evaluate Analyse Design & Plan
Strategy consulting Network audits Concept
Technology consulting Security audits High-level network designs
Design consulting Cost and optimization analysis Project planning

Network Engineering

We provide engineering services for over the whole lifecycle process:

Analyse & Design Testing Plan
Network & design reviews Functional testing Migration planning
Low-level network designs Regression testing Lifecycle & upgrade planning
Second opinion Proof of Concepts

Network Automation

 With our automation services we help you to an efficient network operation:

Infrastructure as Code Devops
Continuous integration Concepts
Continuous deployment Integration
Site reliability engineering

Network Integration

From unpacking your devices to the finished network – we have the services:

Implementation Know-how transfer
Staging Documentation
System integration Training & education

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