We live in a dynamic world, a place where our lifestyles are constantly changing at a pace never seen before. This is an information-driven world where access to information is of utmost value. A lot can be said about how important it is to have fast, mobile, secure, cost-effective and constantly available internet access, especially now during the pandemic. For individuals, internet access is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is something that is vital to many families. Companies, on the other hand, had to quickly take radical steps and adjust themselves to operate in the new reality. To make things worse, studies show a spike in security risks from malicious opportunists trying to take advantage of the crisis situation. It was not easy and not everyone succeeded, but thanks to technology, most IT-based businesses continue to operate as if nothing much has changed.

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The importance of security when using the cloud

From a technical lessons-learned standpoint, one of the outcomes is the exponential increase in importance of security and cloud. This was clear beforehand, however the pandemic greatly accelerated this trend. Technologies like NGFW continue to flourish and develop, enabling us to carry out our work or private digital lives from the safety of our homes. They can reduce complexity by converging multiple functions, lower MPLS costs, and introduce SD-WAN or NAC. Properly configured, the NGFW can provide full traffic visibility, including encrypted tunnels, ensure 99,9% protection against all kinds of malware, data loss or unauthorized access. The NGFW provides us with the convenience of working from home via secure VPNs over SSL or IPsec even using BYOD, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

The NGFW goes hand in hand with the growing appetite for the use of cloud services. Apart from providing freedom of use, clouds can optimize costs and address the three most critical aspects of security – confidentiality, integrity and availability. How does that play together? The NGFW can be traditionally implemented on-premises or in the cloud, eliminating the burden of maintenance of hardware or licenses. This can prove not only an efficient and cost-effective way to manage the security, but also play a vital role in the event of a disaster and business continuity.

The benefits of Secure Access Service Edge

More and more companies are recognising the benefits of the cloud. Leading providers have identified this demand and are offering a new type of cloud-based, security-oriented network, called SASE. In a nut shell, the concept encompasses the Zero Trust model with a suite of security appliances acting as a broker. Users access resources from their computers, all traffic and actions are inspected by a centrally controlled platform in the cloud. This reduces complexity and errors. The broker can inspect the traffic destined to/from public, private and hybrid clouds as well as on-premises infrastructure. Since the solution operates as a middleman, full visibility, access, identity, log processing, acquisitions and divestitures can be efficiently managed with the use of AI and automation. SASE also offers low latency, high performance, ease of maintenance and availability. It allows deployment of latency-sensitive applications in a cheaper way, which would not be possible with standard MPLS or VPN.

We will guide you to a secure future

Enterprise security should account for awareness training of the weakest link, humans. Security devices, on the other hand, are as good as they are configured. Gartner informs us that 99% of security breaches are caused by configuration issues due to human error. At ngworx, we are proud of our team and believe that demonstrable hands-on development experience and professional certifications make a difference. Find out how you can benefit from the modernization of your approach to security.

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