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With video predicted to account for 82% of internet usage by 2022, the introduction of 5G services, and new trends in terms of smart working and homeworking, it is no surprise that pressure for more bandwidth is mounting on internet service providers. An increase in capacity demand and new security threats are driving the need for constant upgrades, both of software releases and hardware architectures.

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Upgrading a service provider infrastructure is no minor task, as the combination of private and business customers connected to the network require uninterrupted service. Where possible, particularly for business customers, the network is designed in a way that service can be guaranteed by means of redundant links to the customer. Residential users, on the other hand, do not have this luxury and generally use the service for longer than businesses and particularly at times when network upgrades are normally possible: during the evening or at night.

Network upgrades must therefore be carefully planned and carried out with minimal interference, and an effective rollback plan must be in place to address any unforeseen circumstances that might arise from the planned work. Furthermore, conditions must be in place that minimise the impact on the rest of the network and keep things under control.

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At ngworx, we are experts at supporting, planning and conducting network upgrades with minimum service impact and with careful pre-planning to accommodate and deal with potential service impacts caused by highly disruptive operations. If your infrastructure is in need of a service assessment and potential upgrade, contact our team today for an evaluation.

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